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משרד עורכי דין גיא פלנטר - עורך דין פלילי | עורך דין צבאי | די משמעתי

משרד עורכי דין גיא פלנטר - עורך דין פלילי | עורך דין צבאי | דין משמעתי.
יוצאי שב"כ, פרקליטות המדינה והפרקליטות הצבאית
משרדנו חריג בנוף משרדי עורכי הדין הפליליים, שכן אנו עוסקים בייצוג חשודים ונאשמים ללא עבר פלילי, ונמנעים כעקרון, מלייצג עבריינים "מקצועיים".

אנחנו עוסקים באופן בלעדי בייעוץ והכנה לחקירות, משפט פלילי, משפט צבאי ודין משמעתי.

זמינים 24 שעות ביממה, בכל רחבי הארץ ובכל הערכאות הפליליות, צבאיות ומשמעתיות.

Our firm practices Criminal & Military Law in Israel, focusing on representing clients who do not have a criminal record.
Apart from large corporations such as banks and telecom companies, our client base includes executives and professionals from all occupations, including lawyers, accountants and doctors, public servants, as well as members of the armed and security forces.
The firm provides suspects under investigation with legal advice, prepares them for interrogation and represents defendants in various criminal legal proceedings.
The firm's professional record includes dozens of complex and sensitive cases requiring a high level of security clearance.
It is highly experienced in convincing the prosecution (in pre-trial hearings) not to submit indictments, in litigating complex cases in courts and tribunals, canceling pending criminal indictments, acquittal of defendants and ending criminal cases with a no- conviction verdict.
Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian.

Areas of Practice: Criminal Law, Criminal Litigation, Sexual Harassment, Legal Representation of Victims, White Collar Crimes, Economic Crimes, Fiscal Crimes, Money Laundering, Disciplinary Proceedings, Military Law, Military Courts, Disciplinary Law, Expungement of Criminal Records, Investigative Military Police, Desertion, Military Property Offenses, Illegal Use of Weapon, Army Training Accidents, Accidents at Work, Fraud Crimes, Bank Fraud, Deception, Bribery, Property Crimes, Drug Crimes, Violent Crimes, Sex Crimes, Family Violence, Juvenile Delinquency, Gambling Offenses, Computer Crimes, Administrative Offenses, State Security Crimes, Directors and Officers Duties and Liability, Ethics in Government, Professional Ethics, Lawyers Professional Ethics, Privacy Protection, Weapon Licensing, Labor Law Enforcement, Extradition Law, Release from Custody, Pardon Petitions, Criminal Mediation, Crime Risk Management, DECD - Defense Export Controls Directorate.

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