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Imagination encompasses the whole world and beyond. This is a quote from Albert Einstein. My name James Denny. i'm
73 years old and live in Gardendale, Alabama. I fully believe in old Albert's quote.
You can stretch out your legs, put your hands behind your head, and, closing your eyes, sink into the ethereal blissfulness that encompasses the world of imagination
come in to my shop and let your imagination run wild over the many items that you find for sale . gifts for mothers, fathers,brothers,sisters , aunts , uncles and cousins plus the little extra special items for yourself. Hollywood was the world of fantasy. Every one of us at onetime or another dreamed of becoming a glamorous actress Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn
or a Actor such as Gregory Peck. John Wayne, Kirk Douglas. Come with me into my shop and join the world of the most famous of all icons , After all each actress and actors played many roles pretended to be many people in all the movies they stared in and their imaginations brought the characters to life. Gregory Peck introduced us to Atticus Finch and Atticus is still in all our mines to this day never to be forgotten.

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