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Marine Transport Logistic Inc.

  • 63 New Hook Rd, Bayonne, NJ 07002, США
  • +1-201-858-8600
  • mtlworld.com

Marine Transport Logistics is an NVOCC-licensed carrier of cargo worldwide and is in the business of shipping cargo from the USA to any destination worldwide. We offer a full package of services, with attention to every detail and special requests.
Shipping cars internationally, as well as exporting boats, motorcycles and other cargo oversees requires highest level of attention to every detail of the transportation project. Every day our experts work hard to maintain the highest standards of client’s satisfaction. 
We ship cars overseas to every port in the world: Finland, Germany, United Emirates, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, Australia, Baltic countries, you name it.
Ship with us! Only our company can load up to 6 compact cars into a single container to save you money on transportation costs.
Marine Transport Logistics offers Roll-On/Roll-Off [RoRo] service specializing in the transport of all types of rolling stocks [cars, trucks, boats on trailers etc], project cargo, heavy lifts, oversized cargo and containers from USA to any destination.
Vehicles are driven or towed on and off the ship using the ship’s own ramps. This service is designed to accommodate cargoes which cannot be stacked but which vary in height it is ideal for such special trades as West Africa particularly in the petro-chemical, mining and construction industry.

Heavy machines, trucks, cars and all other vehicles such as excavators, front loaders etc. can be transported on RO/RO vessels, which are equipped with a ramp
The cargo can Roll On and Roll Off on its own wheels or on Mafi-Trailers
Transformers, big crates and other oversized cargo can be lashed onto Mafi-Trailers to guarantee smooth and secure handling during transportation by sea.
Such dedicated service highlights our commitment to the deployment of modern, versatile and energy-efficient vessels on the West Africa trades.

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