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Steps To Emotional Healing ! Healing Process Broken Heart

Steps To Emotional Healing - How you can connect with your feelings in a way that leads to healing instead of more pain. Get more info about healing process"... Read More...



DNA SESSION offer healing therapy utilizing Theta Healing practices to reprogram one's belief and thought process. Studies have shown that we process and make decisions subconsciously 6 seconds before we consciously know what decision to make. There... Read More...


20D Healing

20D Healing offers personal and distance healing to change your life to the one you have always dreamed about! twentiethdimension@gmail.com"... Read More...


H.T.S.O.T. - Healing at The Speed of Thought -Art of Self Healing

Learn the easiest, most fun way of healing your physical and emotional issues..... down to the Quantum Level.Take Your Life From DISease to EASE."... Read More...


Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Colors Healing, Stones Healing, Spiritual Healin

Spiritual Guidance
We can provide you with spiritual guidance for your unique situation and needs. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen. ... Read More...



Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre is generally the last resort for countless patients suffering from incurable diseases. Healing at Rajyog is the new ray of hope for those struggling from deadly illnesses.Today, Rajyog has treated and helped thousands ... Read More...


Divinity Codes Energy Healing

YaMaEL offers Multidimensional Energy Healing, Bio-Energetic Testing, DNA Activations and Clearing of Negative Energy from individuals and spaces. For more information DNA Activations and Remote Energy Healing Sessions please visit: http://www.divini... Read More...


Maayaa International Healing School

Maayaa is a holistic healer who heals people with different techniques like sound healing, crystal healing, reiki, chakra healing by cleansing and energizing different chakras and thus creating synchronization between different chakras just like our ... Read More...


SHARNAGAT Path to self realization ( pranic healing)

GMCKS Pranic healing centre, heal all type of aillments, stress, depression, Teaching pranic healing, meditation"... Read More...


Sedona psychic readings, energy healing, counseling, Vortex tours

Phone & in-person intuitive psychic readings with Kavitaa in Sedona, energy healing & counseling in Japanese & English. Reiki healing, Aura-Soma color reading & healing, tarot and more."... Read More...