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Age calculator

Calculate your age in years, months and days based on your given date of birth . Also get different kind of age calculator for example birthday calculator,retirement etc."... Read More...


Calc4 - Smart calculator

Free online full screen calculator with functions and variables."... Read More...


Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator is a free easy and quick tool useful for gratuity or tip calculation and also helps to split the bill and tip between people"... Read More...


BMI Calculator, Calculate your Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate

BMI Calculator is a measure of body fat based on height & weight that applies to adult men & women. BMR Calculator will calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate"... Read More...


Home Loan EMI Calculator | Housing loan Calculator

Home Loan EMI Calculator - Latest Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for Home Loan, House Loan or Housing Loan in India with charts and Amortization table"... Read More...


Staff Calculator

Staff Calculator is a business management tool specializing in providing simple meaningful data to all businesses"... Read More...


Houses For Sale Near Me - Home

Unique free real estate website where you will find mortgage calculator, affordability calculator and most importantly your dream house for sale."... Read More...


Used Bike Valuation Calculator|2 Wheeler Valuation @ BikeJinni

BikeJinni- Bike valuation or used bike valuation calculator in India. Calculate bike resale value by second hand bike price calculator. Used two wheeler valuation... Read More...


Pralana|The Mercedes-Benz of Retirement Calculators

An unprecedented life cycle retirement calculator and articles on retirement calculator design and usage."... Read More...


Finance Calculator | U Car Finance

Use our Car Finance Calculator to get a better idea of the cost of borrowing and repayments. With our simple three step process, You can be Approved within"... Read More...