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ScripturePassion | Portfolio

Art work based on Bible scripture verses and passion"... Read More...


Home - www.BuildingUMinistries.com

Welcome to Building U Ministries with Rev. Andre AJ Carter. This site is dedicated to reaching out and touching and changing lives. Relationship Advice, Weekly scripture, Motivational Interviews, Free tools for writers, and more."... Read More...


Wine in the Lord's Supper

Should we use real wine in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper? Such questions should be answered on the basis of Holy Scripture, not man-made traditions. The sacrament of the Lord's Supper should use real wine, not grape juice, in the Lord&... Read More...


Bible Workbook Series curriculum is appropriate for learning the word of God.

The first workbook covers the first fourteen books of the Bible. This workbook has 56 lessons and 250 pages.

The second workbook covers the last twenty five books of the Old Testament. This workbook has 53 lessons and 193 pages.

The third wor...


St.paul Fellowship Church

SPF is “come as you are.” To be part of SPF is to mingle with people from different races, ages (lots of kids!), ethnicities, income levels, and educational backgrounds. In the midst of our differences, we simply try to be who we really are, and ... Read More...