Is mopping the tiles and grout not leaving you with a sparkling clean floor anymore? Is the silicone and grout in your shower starting to grow mould? Want to upgrade your tiles, pavers, or hard surfaces in your home or business without the expense of a full renovation?

GroutPro can both maintain and restore the look of your tiled areas with our thorough tile cleaning, repair and maintenance services. Imagine having your tiled area looking as good as new for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Protect the longevity of your tiles, and maintain hygiene and cleanliness for you and your family. Our team at GroutPro can take care of you. We have highly trained tile and grout cleaning specialists – we are the best in the grout business! We use state of the art technology and the latest tile cleaning equipment to transform your tiled areas completely.

Whether you want your home refreshed for sale, Spring cleaned, or just refurbished to restore its original beauty, we have specialists across Australia who can make those grubby damaged tiles look like new again.

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