Learn excellent English at home with your Pc and our software programs.

D.Education English, with 30+ years of teaching experience in Public and private schools,
wrote these English software programs with such a scientific way that your children and you,
can learn English fluently, studying at home with your computer.

You will not only learn the English language perfectly well but also you will be able when you take
the exams, to get the official English certificate or diploma you need.

Why with our English lessons and exams software programs, you can learn perfect English,
without a private teacher or private English school.

-They are suitable for all ages, because they start with the alphabet and go all the way up to Proficiency level.
-Each class, in each lesson, presents the theory with many examples.
-Then follow hundreds of exercises to learn and practice.
- When you have answered all the questions, the program presents you with a detailed report,
which shows you all the exercises with the correct or wrong answers and your % score.
- You can repeat all the tests countless times, until you make no mistake.

To see how exactly our programs work, do many free lessons online from all levels.
click at the bottom of this page:
Many free English lessons from our software program and other demo pages

D.Education English lessons and exams

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