Started in 2017, LightDrinks is an online retailer for the alcohol free sector. Boasting over 100 drinks, with free UK mainland delivery.

With choices from alcohol free beer and non alcoholic beer, including pale ale, IPA, lager, stout, and much more.

Also included in our range is alcohol free cider and non alcoholic cider. Although, the range of cider is not as much as the beer, they're still great tasting alternatives.

Maybe alcohol free spirits and non alcoholic spirits are your thing, or the ready mixed options such as alcohol free cocktails and non alcoholic cocktails.

If you're looking to discover alcohol free beers, our alcohol free beer subscription and non alcoholic beer subscription is a great way to get started. For just £20 a month, you can join our alcohol free beer club aka AF Beer Club

Dietary options such as vegan non alcoholic beer and vegan alcohol free beer are also available. Gluten free non alcoholic beer and gluten free alcohol free beer are also on the store.

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