We help CEOs’ transform their business by increasing cash flow & improving processes while maintaining rock-solid accounting.

Your opportunity advisers:

Nitselec is an outsourcing specialist in bookkeeping and a virtual CFO company with a client base covering the USA. We are committed to delivering quality, adding value, issuing accurate financial statements, and improving business efficiencies. We are entrepreneurs, experts, and more importantly, accountants with vast experience and skills dedicated to helping CEO with their decision-making. We are not just an extension service, we are your peace of mind. At Nitselec, you will rest easy because your information is safe in our cloud system and can be easily accessed.

Our passion is accounting and we are eager to pass on our knowledge to our customers by explaining financial issues and the importance of accurate accounting in a company whether it is small, medium, or large. We enjoy the challenge of finding a solution for a variety of situations and industries. But our greatest accomplishment is always seeing our clients happy and satisfied with the final product. We will provide you CPA ready and compliances at all times while saving you a ton of money. Our team of experts will do all the work of an entire bookkeeping department, expensive CFO, and payroll department for less. We will ensure our clients have all the attention, support, and expertise of a dedicated professional to troubleshoot any problems they may encounter. We are very responsive via text, email, phone, LinkedIn, and many other sites. You can simply run your business while trusting the accounting to us.


Boynton Beach, FL, USA

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