Thirukadaiyur Temple

We are doing all type of homam and Shanthi for Brahmins and Non Brahmins in Thirukadaiyur temple. All poojas rituals are scheduled during right Muhurta (auspicious time) based on your birth details.

Ugaradha Shanthi (Completion of 59th years)
Shastiaptha Poorthi (Beginning of 61st years)
Bheema Ratha Shanthi (70th Marriage)
Vijayaratha Shanthi (75thMarriage)
Sadhabishegam (80th Marriage)
Kanagabishegam (at the age of 90)
Maha Mritthunjaya Shanthi (at the age of 100)
Poornaabishegam (at the age of 101)
Ayush Homam (for long life)

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Thirukadaiyur, Tamil Nadu, India

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