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People are pleased that transportation has become more approachable, as it is one of life's most important utilities. It's noticeable particularly in the United Arab Emirates, where there is a plethora of commercial activity. The United Arab Emirates' transportation system is divided into land, air, and sea. Buses are most often used for transportation in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE's public transportation system is cutting-edge, efficient, and clean, notably in the three major cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The network functions like clockwork, except for a few unusual traffic snafus. It is on a level with, if not better than, the most significant Western standards.

Dubai is the only emirate with a transport card that can pay for most types of public transportation, including the metro, tram, buses, and water buses. To take advantage of these services, you must first get a Nol card (in Arabic, Nol means fare.)


If you're looking for a mode of transportation in the UAE and aren't sure which one to choose, let me tell you which one is the greatest. I have personally used this one, and They give the most remarkable transportation service, allowing you to travel 100 kilometers to your destination while being comfortable. In Dubai, for example, a deliberate effort is underway to increase bus utilization to 26 percent by 2030.


Dubai Bus Rental Rates

Bus Rental Services

Bus Rental Fleet

15 Seater Hiace For Rent

35 Seater Luxury Bus Rental

14 Seater Hiace for rent

30 Seater Coaster Bus Rental


One of the most largest and dependable bus rental companies of UAE is Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport. They are working hard to satisfy your bus rental needs and exceed your expectations.

Wadi swat transport is progressing toward a situation in which an increasing number of citizens may travel in these buses which are outfitted with amenities such as:

· aspects that are accessible to people with disabilities

· aids audio-visual

· Payment convenience is being monitored via CCTV.

· Women and families have their areas.



They specialize in the following activities and services, which may be of interest to you.


Tourism In Dubai


1. Dubai Bus Rental Services for City Tours are available daily.

2. Dubai bus hire with captain

3. Dubai sightseeing and mall tours

4. Bus Tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

5. Tour from Abu Dhabi to Dubai by Taking the Bus

6. Bus Trip from Dubai to Al Ain

7. Al Ain to Dubai Luxury Bus Tour

8. Desert Safari in Dubai tour

9. Tour by bus from Dubai to Sharjah

10. Bus Tour from Sharjah to Dubai


Shopping Trips In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

1. Bus Tour of the Dubai Mall

2. Rent a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

3. Shopping Tour at the Emirates Mall

4. Taking the bus to the Dubai Marina Mall

5. Shopping Tour in the Old Souk (market)

6. Tour of the Spice Market

7. Bus tour of Meena Bazar

8. Bus Rental in Dubai


Bus rent during Sports & Other Events

1. Transportation to and from the football ground

2. Hiring a bus for a birthday bash

3. Transportation Services at Cricket Grounds

4. Transportation Services in the Motor City

5. Transport Services for Formula One

6. Bus Transportation to Dubai World Trade Center

7. Transportation by bus is available for ADNEC events.

8. Bus Transportation to Cultural Events

9. Transportation Services for the Dubai Dance Festival

10. Bus Transportation in the Global Village

11. Luxury buses are available for hire in Dubai.


Bus Rental Services for schools and student

1. Bus service to and from school

2. Transportation Services for Students

3. School-based private transportation services

4. Transportation for Universities, Colleges, and Institutes

5. Bus rental Dubai for school staff transportation, hospitality, and airports

6. Bus transfer from the hotel to the hotel

7. Transportation from the hotel to the city

8. Transportation from the hotel to the airport

8. Transportation from the hotel to the airport

9. Transfer from the airport to the hotel

10. Hotel Employee Transportation

11. Transportation for hotel guests

12. Rental of a bus for religious purposes


Wadi swat transport wishes to make your fantasy of traveling in high-end automobiles at reasonable prices a reality. Their rental program includes a variety of options as well as an experienced staff. Its ambition is to become one of the city's best-organized bus rental services. I'm particularly proud of their core service offering, the Dubai City Tour. They rent out a 12-seater vehicle for airport transportation and family trips in Dubai.



The number of passenger transport companies in Dubai is up to 50 times that of Sharjah. Dubai provides guests with a plethora of alternatives from which to pick. VIP Luxury Buses, VIP Super luxury coaches, and VIP Luxury Vans are available. Rent a bus with a driver at incredible prices in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi in 2020.


Wadi Swat Buses Rental LLC Dubai and Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transportation are glad to provide you with the bus rental options you desire. They offer a prestigious Dubai City Tour. During your stay in the UAE, you will have access to their bus rental service. The finest place to rent a good bus is Wadi Swat Transport. You can choose from a huge fleet of automobiles and a comprehensive selection of services.



In Dubai, bus transportation can be rented for Dubai City Tours and Dubai Sightseeing. You owe it to yourself to go out and witness the unique beauty of the world's most diversified culture, whether you are a UAE citizen, a tourist, or have come to attend a business conference. Dubai is a city of enthralling beauty, and our Dubai City Tour will allow you to learn all about it.

A 12-seater van was rented. For a brief family holiday, renting a bus with a driver or a 20-seater bus in Dubai is ideal. It transports students, teachers, colleges, universities, institutions, hotels, construction companies, and contracting companies.



Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport was established in 2014 with bus rental as its major program and has since attracted clients from all over the world. The firm owners have a great track record and have been in the same field for 15 to 20 years. Wadi Swat Transportation provides a variety of bus transportation services, including bus leasing, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. School bus rental in Ajman, UAQ, and RAK.

Some of the UAE's most famous enterprises and institutions worked with the wadi transport company. Fortunately, the company has a huge fleet of buses, a team of professional drivers, and a thriving administrative team, all of whom contribute to its success. They have nearly 200 long-term customers.

To understand more about their services and company information, visit Dubai Bus Rental Rates. Our two core offices in Sharjah and Dubai are Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport and Wadi Swat Buses Rental LLC.



Wadi swat transport buses:


Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transportation has one of the largest bus fleets in the country. Over 200 well-kept automobiles of various varieties make up their fleet. The Abu Dhabi Police and the Roads and Transportation Authority have both registered the whole fleet (RTA).


Bus fares:


Bus fares typically start at AED 2 for local travel and rise to around AED 8 for long-distance travel. They cost roughly AED 25 for an inter-emirate journey. If you're taking a bus to go to the metro station, your bus fare is free once you've swiped your Nol card at the station.


Senior persons (over 60) and students receive discounts, but they must present identification. For example, they must obtain the blue card (and submit documentation) in Dubai as immediate verification.


Transportation Costs for Workers


If you need to get to work, you can take the bus. If you need to transport your employees from their lodging to the job site and back, I prefer to choose Wadi swat transport. They provide labor transportation prices for all types of buses every month, They never charge daily or weekly costs for labor transportation. Buses without a driver are not available from them. Various brands and types of buses have different worker transportation charges. Their primary vehicles for carrying employees or laborers are Ashok Leyland, Daewoo, and Toyota coasters.



Buses with driver and fuel — Rates for labor transportation

Within the same city, up to 50 kilometers a day

80-84 Seater Buses AC = AED 8,000 per Month

80-84 Seater Buses (without AC) = AED 7,000 Per Month

60-67 Seater Buses AC = AED 8,000 Per Month

60-67 Seater Buses (without AC) = AED 7,000 Per Month

30-34 Seater Buses AC = AED 6,500 Per Month

12-15 Seater Buses AC = AED 4,000 Per Month




Are you looking for a bus that can be chartered? Do you wish to take a city trip in a minibus or a luxury bus? Do you want to go on a fantasy sightseeing tour of Dubai, the world's most technologically sophisticated city? Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport offers you a bus with a competent driver, allowing you to explore freely and take in the exciting scenery. Their bus rental services will always meet your needs. Our employees and drivers are kind and helpful.


Tour of the city A day or two in Dubai or Abu Dhabi involves taking a bus tour of the two largest cities. Typically, they perform Dubai tours with high-end luxury buses or VIP luxury vans both within Dubai and between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you visit Dubai but skip Abu Dhabi, your conventional UAE city trip is incomplete.


They have employed 50-seater luxury buses, 35-seater luxury buses, and 15-seater Mercedes Sprinter luxury vans for tour programs. The Dubai Tour begins from a predetermined location, such as a hotel or a private residence, and brings you to all of Dubai's most exciting sights.


Dubai Mall, Atlantis, The Palm, Gold Souk, Emirates Mall, and Global Village are all included in the daily trip. Suppose you want a more in-depth tour of Dubai. In that case, you'll probably need two or three more days to see everything there is to see, including Bollywood Park, Motion-gate, Kidzania, Dolphinarium, Marina Mall, Miracle Garden, Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, Quran Park, Animal Zoo, Dubai Desert, and more. Wadi swat transportation provides the best city tour so if you are looking for a city tour then I would prefer you to go with this professional transportation




A school bus is a unique vehicle that is used for school transportation or school transportation services for pupils. A suitable bus with all of the necessary equipment is required for school student transportation services. It has a unique design that sets it apart from other cars on the road. It gets priority on the road to make it easier for schoolchildren to travel. School vans come in a variety of colors, but the yellow bus is the most common.


Dubai is the UAE's financial, educational, and recreational capital. The most well-known school bus rental program in the country is in Dubai. RTA is in charge of our Dubai school van, and they have the right to set regulations for the bus, the drivers, and even the bus helper. The RTA and the Ministry of Education in Dubai are in charge of school transportation in Dubai. A regular school bus is yellow and comes with all necessary amenities such as CCTV cameras and other safety features.


for more information about Wadi swat transportation and their fare rate you can visit their page that I have mentioned below:


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