Africa Foundation International (AFI) is a multi-platform organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of Africa and its people through arts, academic research while at the same time providing a venue to actively contribute to the development of Africa.
Through a broad array of educational programs arts and cultural events, Africa Foundation International has called upon resources both from within and to the African Diaspora network to pride opportunities for learning, understanding, and promoting Africa economic empowerment.
We administer a wide range of events aimed at introducing African arts and culture, supporting African Studies, and promoting Africa economic development.
Africa Foundation International strongly believes that a relationship with its core community is absolutely essential to fulfilling its mission of attracting support for Africa in an on-going partnership. As a cultural, academic and philanthropic organization, Africa Foundation International recognizes the irrevocable link between culture, education and community development.
We are a non-profit organization, relying on public donations, individual supports, as well as private sector donations to support our mission."

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