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“Why?” is the first question I have been asked a thousand times by the visitors, stunned by the Abode of Chaos.
The answer brings me back to the year 1999, as I found myself looking once again for this gnostic world, after the golden calf was devoured during the great pagan feast of the last century.

Experience one more time this terrible ordeal and transcend through art to finally reach redemption. Rebirth through the very first damnation, this insanity we received at birth like a supreme unction.
A maniacal fury, my sulphurous mistress and her mood disorders, will once again be my accomplice.

She will bring my quill to life, for me to write a very long story, that emerges from the dawn of time, quenches its thirst in the Alchemical Chaos, prima materia of this tragic and sumptuous 21st century, and incarnates itself in my flesh and creations and recover the world of the Dwellings of the Philosophers.

The Great Work had to be accomplished, no matter what the price, no matter how loud the beggars’s howl, the vindication of the men in black or the moralists’s anathema. But many forgot that since the beginnings of law, there is no crime nor offence when the accused is in a state of insanity or constrained by an act of God.

This dementia of artistic creation, the power of its creative madness have since milleniums made it possible for mankind to build temples, catacombs, mass graves, places of genuflexion, calvaries, labyrinths, Golgotha, oratories, via crucis sanctuaries, priories and cathedrals of light.
Each of these words, dear faithful Reader, describes the Abode of Chaos and its dual aspect: the Spirit of the Salamander, the alchimic breath of the Abode.

To your actual question, “why this darkness?”, I would therefore simply answer: “when you see the darkness, rejoice for the Opus starts now...”
thierry Ehrmann, 9 December 1999