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Wit is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is best known for his warm, rich vocals and his bold song writing style.

Wit gradually built a large following through his performances, poetry writings, his advocacy for world peace, protecting the environment, and promoting political awareness. Wit's fan base now spans several continents.

Wit is an accomplished author, having written the book, “Secrets to the Universe”: a collection of Haiku and Senryu poetry and inspirational thought; which he often uses as his muse for the themes and lyrics of his songs.

Through his years in music, Wit has cultivated a rich, multicultural life to draw upon. Inspired by the classics as well as the likes of: Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, and Sting to name a few, Wit is leaving his mark on the music scene as one of the first artists to mix Rock music with elements of Zen poetry.

Wit’s music is inspired by the human condition and nature. His lyrics defy convention and move beyond poetry to achieve equilibrium between both thought and feeling. He fuses the spirit and energy of Rock & Roll with issues that are timeless in a compelling blend that is, again both, articulate and uniquely original. Wit’s songs are a portrait, carefully crafted, of Hope, Fear, Love, Joy, Depression, Life, Death, and the Beauty within them, compelling us, his listeners, to reflect upon who we are and what drives us all to do what we do.

Wit is creating a musical hybrid that transcends easy categorization and boundaries of artistic limitation. This musical hybrid which contains layers of meaning, Wit calls ‘Zen Rock’, touches upon a profound truth.

Wit’s first studio release, the innocent yet remarkably powerful and daring, "The President,” has received acclaim for catering to the intellect as well as the heart.

“ ‘The President’ boldly stands out on its own as art, while maintaining the equilibrium....”

Reviews by Matthew

Wit’s evolution, from classical music to rock is as eclectic as his writings. As a child, Wit grew up on a steady diet of classical music. His early studies in the arts even included violin lessons. When Wit was old enough to walk, his father would take him to the local University where they would listen to live classical music concerts every Sunday. Listening to music written by Beethoven in the company of giant redwood trees is one of Wit’s cherished memories of his childhood. From then on music became Wit’s religion.

Wit’s father exposed him to all kinds of art and music; mostly that is. Rock & Roll however didn’t come to Wit so easily, in fact Wit was introduced to Rock music quite by chance. Wit recalls finding a beat up LP at the local Goodwill thrift store. He convinced his father to buy it for him. It was Wit’s first record, December's Children (And Everybody's) by The Rolling Stones and the song that stood out for Wit was, “Get Off Of My Cloud”. Wit would listen to that album whenever he could.

As well as playing violin for the symphony in high school, Wit expressed himself in the sporting realm as well playing both (JV or Varsity) football and basketball and ran track. Contradicting the would-be nay sayers motto that “it can’t be done”. “Can’t” is a word long omitted from Wit’s vocabulary.

What makes Wit unique, as a performer, is that he isn’t one. This multifaceted singer - songwriter actually works as a Technician by day. It’s his quiet caring demeanor that exudes onto the stage captivating audiences as he performs.

Wit's live performances are a one of a kind experience, packed with aural imagery, seasoned with melodic spices, and saute’d with Zen poetry.

Wit’s distinctive shape-shifting vocals enchant the listener through a journey of sound and experience.

In venues large or small, you can’t help feeling as if Wit is in your own living room sharing his music and a drink by the fire.

Today, Wit is an artist that you cannot help but notice. He is actively involved with many charities performing to packed venues for fundraisers and special events.

Wit is spending the better part of the year writing and developing the material for his latest project, an as-yet-untitled album.