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We are Melbourne based photography service. Our premium photography service offers quality, stylish & professional image packages with which our clients can communicate effectively to their audience.

We specialise is portraits, events, wedding & engagement, food, products & merchandise.

DreamPix Studio can help you can have your own memorabilia to cherish those priceless yesterdays. Your graduation day, your wedding, the happy smile of the pregnant mother, the footsteps of the newborn which gradually turns into jiggly feet of that child with whom you spend priceless moments - these are moments of a lifetime that you want to cherish forever!

When you are busy organising an astounding performance, or a show, or a concert, or a corporate event, or a community event, DreamPix Studio can help you to capture every detail of your event.

When you are doing business by selling your products and services to your customers, DreamPix Studio can help you provide image packages which are have authentic visual voice - thereby empowering your to connect to your customers effectively.