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Providing superior cleaning, organizing and assistance to those needing help, either because of a disability, their age (elderly) or other. The Home Specialists will also provide assistance with errands, shopping, decorating and personal needs.

If you need help with cleaning your house, running to the store because you forgot to get groceries, organizing your closet because you just don't have time, shopping for the perfect outfit because you don't know what's cool, cleaning out the old garage that's driving you crazy because you can't find anything then I'm your Gal. I could go into that garage/house and clean it up, recognize valuable items and then post them on KSL, giving you extra cash and then organize everything. Say I find a piece of furniture that you think is worthless. I am able to re-finish/distress that piece and make it valuable again!! I could then put a fresh coat of paint on and re-decorate the space making it usable again! I also have contractors available 24 hrs a day to assist you with disasters. They are familiar with insurance and capable of all types of construction. I will assist you with whatever you don't have time/energy to do.