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HR Data and System Solutions offers professional Human Resources Data & System consulting to the small to mid-size business.

Our firm is available to employers for consulting and advice on how to manage HR Data through current or future HR System functionality. Most small to mid-size businesses manage their HR functional processes through Microsoft products such as Excel or Access. They may have an HR System but neglect it due to not knowing how to properly use it. Because of this, the data that has been entered in the system may not be up to date and cause inaccurate results when referencing or reporting. Since most companies this size do not have an HRIS team, our services will help you determine the best way to manage your data and suggest future system enhancements so your HR department can run more efficiently going forward. We will partner with your Human Resource team to determine how they are currently managing there processes throughout the year and determine better ways to manage through the HR Systems going forward. We can help write the requirements necessary to automate your HR processes and work with your IT team on design, functionality, testing and rollout.