Malatya Apricots Dried Apricots Manufacturing Company



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We are a Dried Apricot Manufacturing company in Malatya/Turkey,produce and export Dried,Industrial Apricot;Organic,Unsulfured Apricot ;Sun Dried,Diced Apricot and Apricot Kernels

We are as Malatya Dried Apricots Manufacturing Company,one of The Best Dried Apricots Exporters.Our company is one of the Dried Apricots Exporters.At the same time ,we produce and process Apricot Kernels and succeededin entering among The Biggest Dried Apricots Manufacturers.Malatya Dried Apricots Manufacturing is one of the Apricot Kernels Exporters.Futhermore, It is listed in Apricot Kernels Manufacturers list

Malatya Apricot Inc. is situated on 25,000 square meters of land which includes 6,000 square meters of enclosed work areas that have been constructed according to European and AFI specification with epoxy flooring,anti-bacterial tile walls,and equipped with a microbiological laboratory to ensure a total quality.