Call My Doc

The most reliable technology to replace traditional answering service. Call My Doc ™ Is a managed service with mobile apps that is able to integrate with all electronic medical records to replace telephone based answering services. Patient medications, allergies , labs and history ,all will appear on doctor's exquisitely designed mobile phone app. Doctors will be able to respond through many modalities . They will be able through their phone to send electronic prescriptions and book patients appointments outside business hours. All the interactions leaves an automated record in the patient chart and a billable ticket. Call My Doc ™ can be offered to all primary care physicians, hospitals, and specialists. More Revenue, Safety for Patients ,Quality of Healthcare & Quality of physicians personal life. Features: Doctors can respond live or by many other modalities, including texting a response, responding by templates, recording a response etc. Can answer the patient with any language Sends calls with the patient's chart to the doctor's iPhone. Schedules patients by itself when they call in. Automatically performs important tasks by itself: Send a refill or prescription in under 30 seconds. Schedule an appointment for the patient in under 10 seconds. Talk to the patient by itself with the doctor's orders. Does the paperwork by itself and puts it back on the patient's chart.

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