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Data visualisation is representation of data in an interactive way.So users can easily understand it. Representing data with the help of charts and symbols seems very interactive. Also it is easy to understand data in picture form. Today number of charting libraries are available in market for creation of such charts and graphs so it not hectic to create charts. Koolchart, Google free chart, etc are widely used charting library. Charting library is used to create interactive charts and graphs so that user can easily understand it. charting library offers number of inbuilt functions like animation, charts, graphs, JavaScript charts, HTML5 charts, comments, images etc. Koolchart supports 4 different types of animation effects. koolchart offers charts like bar chart, column charts, pie chart, graphs, active charts, image charts, radar charts , animated charts etc. Koolchart offers functions to insert images, comments, special symbols in Charts. Koolchart also provides data editor with the help of this editor you can edit and view chart data, you can also simulate the display of the chart by changing the chart data. Koolchart use XML based designs which help users to make chart independently. Koolchart also supports theme, it allows users to set the design of the chart in one click.