Cyber Security Degrees offers a wide range of educational resources for aspiring and current cyber security professionals. Did you know that there are cyber security workshops and competitions for students of every age? There are also tons of free resources for learning about cyber security online. Why, you may ask? First off, personal safety, and secondly cyber security is one of the fastest growing, most in-demand, and lucrative technical fields out there. There were over 1 million cyber security job openings in 2016 alone. If your students love to tinker with devices, take things apart and try to put them back together, or find ways to ‘bend’ the rules online, then cyber security might be a great hobby or future career for them. Check out resources like cyber security degree’s guide to obtaining a cyber security degree for free (MOOCs), their rankings of the best online cyber security degree programs, as well as guides to the best resources on cyber security, including a guide on cyber bullying.

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