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Realistic Female Silicone Mask soft rubber with facial

Only few masks left - Hurry! Silicone Female Mask helps Crossdressers transform fully into a beautiful women head to toe. Slipping into your feminine by masking masculine facial features and helping you looking more like your feminine side in your private moments of crossdressing. Before you discover today of how this mask will suit your needs, in all the ways you imagined in the past. I just want to say I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important that only happens in a way that feels good and right for you, because you can imagine enjoying this for all your own reasons. I just want to let you know that I’m not sure exactly what will most tickle your imagination as you follow along or how that is going to come most forward into your mind because you really see the value in this particular mask. As you’re wearing this mask yourself, feeling how good it is and enjoying your masking process, it doesnt matter whether you tune in to how much youre enjoying it now or whether you picture to yourself how much youll enjoy it in private when theres no one around. Here is what you will miss out on! From the hands of a master sculptor made into sculpture that was later made a mold of. Thats the source of your future female silicone mask. Why silicone? its long lasting, skin safe, 700% stretch able without breaking. 14 layers paintined of hyper realistic skin textures. Before you can order with total satisfaction, after you were able to see all your expectations fullfilled as soon as you click add to cart. The more you can feel good about the decision being made to have bought the mask, because you can imagine enjoying this for all your own reasons. Your mask ships within 3 business days after purchase! Disclaimer: * WIG AND SUNGLASSES NOT INCLUDED* Eyebrows are delicate to alterations! What customers say about the mask: Hi Alex! I am writing to tell you that I have worn the mask 2 times now. The mask is FANSTANTIC! The mask I purchased is exactly as the picture! Super realistic! Just the perfect size! The eye holes are small and are cut to fit the eye socket perfectly!!!!! THE BEST!!!!!! Finally, the lips are big and cupped so my lips fit perfectly inside!! This mask is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST 5 STARS! The only reason I am sending this message is because I want you to know my opinion. Cheers! V#### --------------------------- Alex I wanted to compliment you. The mask came to me now. Ive tried and I think its one of the best Ive tried until now. If you look for me on facebook as ######### at this time you will see me with another mask, because before you show me with your mask, I have to buy the breast. But I assure you it is wonderful. Bye. T####"

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