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At Gamer Garagen, we have carefully chosen the best game equipment and accessories so you can always do the best you play when it comes to console or PC. You can see our selection of high quality gaming products. In our selection you can Find gamer headsets that are made specifically for gaming. Our gaming headphones are equipped with the most sophisticated and innovative technology available, to ensure you always get a superb sound quality. You'll also find our range of gamer chairs, whose unique designs are also custom made for long gaming sessions. With our gamer chairs you will always sit comfortably in front of your computer screen. The dog is not the only benefit, as with these chairs you also avoid the severe back injuries and pain that an uncomfortable chair often causes. You can therefore find gamers in great designs and of the highest quality, with us. A lot of the range you would find on our site would also consist of gaming mice. Here you will be able to find a gamer mouse that meets all your needs. Whether you are right or left handed, prefer optical or laser, if you want a lot of extra buttons and features or lighting, whatever your preference, we have a mouse for you. But if you already have the perfect gaming mouse, you might need the right mouse pad to get the best precision and control. At Gamer Garagen, we also have a large selection of game mouse pads, in many variants. From the very store that covers the entire desktop, to the compact little ones, we have mousepads in different thicknesses and sizes, and certainly one you will like. If you are a player who prefers to play with controller, or as a primary console player, we also have gaming controllers for both PC and consoles. Achieve full control, no matter what you play, with one of our gamepads. If you share your gaming experiences on Twitch or YouTube, you may need a webcam instead. In our webshop you can also find webcams that are made for streaming games. We have high quality streaming webcams but still at very advantageous prices. We also have game glasses that help reduce digital eye strain. Our gamer glasses block blue light, as well as minimize the symptoms associated with exposure to blue light.