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The_Magic_Guild's booth, featuring 235 items, including The ulTRa Dancing Hank by Sean Bogunia - Trick , The Haunted Deck Magic Trick in Bicycle (By Royal Magic) [Trick], The Baroque Deck-Gray (By Criss Angel [Playing Cards], Bicycle Yellow Deck Playing Cards (By Magic Makers) [Playing Cards], The Complete Act Plus PTS Express (by Sean Bogunia) Ultra Hank Version [Trick], Bicycle Rider Back The Purple Deck (By Magic Makers) [Playing Cards], Float IT Anti-Gravity Card Illusion Card, Black (By Criss Angel) [Trick], Hot Fire Wallet - Leather, Super (ByTora Magic) [Trick], Bicycle Classic Monsters Playing Cards (By USPCC) [Palying Cards], Multiplying Bottles Trick- Set of 8 (Spun Aluminum) (By Tora Magic) [Trick], Bicycle War of Current Playing Cards (By USPCC) [Playing Cards], Bicycle Karnival Playing Cards in Gold Limited Edition [Misc.], Mental Photography Deck-Pro Brand (By Magic Makers) [Trick] , Ultimate Magician's Finger Set (By Magic Makers) [Trick , Bicycle United Cardists Deck - Trick [Toy], Money Maker Illusion (By Magic Makers) [Trick], Houdini Palming Coins - 2.0 Mm Thick Aluminum - Package of 12 [Trick], Bicycle Redcore Playing Cards (Limited Edition) by Collectable Playing Card, Bicycle Karnival Assassins Playing Cards Limited Edition Foil Tuck Case [Custom , P.K. Pro Kit (By Magic City) [Trick], Mail Bag Escape (By Magic City) [Trick], Deck TR by Sean Bogunia - Trick, Arcane Playing Cards-White Deck (By Ellusionist) [Playing Cards], Coin Magic Crash Course DVD (By Magic Makers) [Trick], Green Artifice Playing Cards (By Ellusionist) [Playing Cards], Water to Wine to Water Illusion [Trick], Bicycle Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Playing Cards-2 Deck Set [Custom Playing Cards], Card Guard Prediction Case-Metal (By MAK Magic) [Trick/Playing Cards], The Street Monte / Shell Game Ultimate Magic Kit (By Magic Makers) [Trick], Espionage Wallet (by Kieron Kirkland and Alakazam Magic) [Trick], Bicycle Black Scorpion Deck Playing Cards (By Magic Makers) [Playing Cards], Bicycle xXx Outlaw Deck by US Playing Card [Trick], Mini-Zombie Ball (By Vernet Magic) [Trick], Kids Complete Magic Set-250 Tricks Plus DVD [Trick], The Ice Breaker Playing Cards by Rich Ferguson [Trick], Bicycle Reverse Black Deck (By Magic Makers) [Playing Cards], Magic Blue Svengali Deck - Bridge Size (By Magic Makers) [Trick], The Ultimate Gaff Deck Kit (By Magic Makers) [Trick], Dark Deco Deck by US Playing Card [Playing Cards], Silver Steampunk Deck (By Theory 11) [Playing Cards], Mentalism Magic Kit (By Murphy's Magic) [Trick], Coloring Book Of Magic (By Magic Makers) [Trick], Professional Rabbit Mirror Box (By Magic Makers) [Trick], Pros Only: Extreme Magic Collection Kit [Magic Kit], Bicycle Skull Deck (By Magic Makers) [Playing Cards], Bicycle Red Dragon Back Playing Cards (By United States Playing Card Co.), Kids Complete Magic Set (200 Series) [Trick], Ritual Playing Cards (By Elite Playing Cards) [Playing Cards]."