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Lori Emmons



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Providing information and resources with synergistic solutions because LOVE helping people and I can't stand to support big pharma so I'm creating in perpetuity and

Because I have been overcoming Multiple Sclerosis since 1993 without prescription drugs I want to help others win their battles with chronic pain, inflammation, illness or disorder.

I am a positive, happy, loving person with newfound hope and joy about the NEW, Swiss patented VizPur Technology that is revolutionizing the supplement industry.

Essential Fat soluble nutrients made water soluble (micellized) are the wave of the future and here today! Viz, a 2+ year old company officially launching on 12/5/13 has the exclusive technology to change lives...true health care instead of what I call the current system; 'sick care." VizPur Technology is offering water soluble CoQ10, krill oil, D-3 The original zeolite formula enhanced with Pur technology! You must experience them to appreciate what we have to offer!

This is not about M.S. or any other condition...It IS about sharing synergistic solutions and alternatives toward providing the proper nutrients our bodies so desperately needs for optimal function and performance. It's about winning,anyway, surviving and thriving with a Smile!

I'm excited to get to know you and discover how to be of assistance to you.

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