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Sand Lake Cancer Center offers access to world-class cancer care, in a patient centered environment. We take pride in being the only privately owned, and independent Medical Oncology, and Radiation Oncology Practice in Central Florida. We offer the latest innovative treatments and state of the art equipment.

We are dedicated to the care and well being of our patients. We are a team of compassionate professionals who's goal is to help patients through a very difficult and confusing time in their lives. We have all been touched by cancer in our office, some of us are in remission, some have lost mothers, fathers and loved ones, we’ve been there, and we know how it feels to walk in your shoes. We understand that cancer can be overwhelming and will assist you coordinating all appointments and your total care. We treat our patients with compassion, respect, dignity and individuality. We reach out to them in their own language. Here, at Sand Lake Cancer Center, we do not only treat the diagnosis, we treat the patient, family, and friends. Let our family take care of your family.

Compassionate Cancer Treatment Center