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Hearing Central LLC



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Hearing Central designs and sells affordable
'Made in USA' hearing aids that
outperform most higher priced hearing aids

For 10 years, Hearing Central has been shaking up the hearing aid industry with the invention of medical-grade, affordable hearing aids that are sold online, direct to consumers. These revolutionary hearing aids are designed to help the millions of people around the world with hearing loss, who otherwise cannot afford - or do not wish to pay - the much higher cost of traditional hearing aids.

If you're one of the following, then Hearing Central's hearing aids are perfectly suited to your needs and you're in the right place:

Active Seniors
People Still Working
Seniors Determined to Remain Independent
Especially Active and Involved Grandparents
People Who Take Their Health Seriously

Hearing Central's Founder, Philip Wyatt knew that untreated hearing loss could lead to depression, social isolation, anxiety, and symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's dementia. He could not understand why the cost for hearing aids continued to climb, when the prices of so many consumer electronics like TVs, DVD players, laptops, smart phones and digital cameras continued to fall.

Since Medicare and most private insurance do not cover the costs of hearing aids, which traditionally run between $3,000 to $7,000 for a pair, many patients simply cannot afford the expense. Hearing Central's goal was to offer a reasonable, high quality hearing aid solution that would help with the most common types of hearing loss at an affordable price, unlike the "one-size-fits-all" amplifiers available at drug stores or from Lee Majors® online.

Hearing Central's team evaluated numerous hearing aids and sound amplifiers, including those seen on television. Without fail, almost all of these were found to amplify bass / low frequencies (below 1000 Hz) and not be useful in amplifying the frequencies critical to understanding human voice.

The high cost of hearing aids is a result of layers of middlemen and expensive unnecessary features. Hearing Central concluded that it would be possible to develop a medical-grade hearing aid without sacrificing the quality of components or technology. The result is the Melody™ Open and MyRIC™ hearing aid lines, starting at under $500. They have been declared to be the best low-cost hearing aids that amplify the range of sounds associated with the human voice without over amplifying pesky background noise.

Same Features as Expensive Hearing Aids

Mini open-fit digital hearing aids
Soft flexible ear buds so comfortable you won't realize they're on
Small size and thin tubing for a nearly invisible profile
Multiple channels and bands to provide precise amplification of the human voice without background noise
Wide dynamic range compression (WDRC) to amplify soft sounds and dampen loud sounds

Feedback Cancellation to eliminate whistling
Advanced noise reduction to prioritize and make speech clearer
Up to 4 programs to accommodate the most common types of hearing loss, even in challenging listening environments
Telecoil available for improved use of compatible telephones, iPhones® (and other cell phones), and looped environments (like churches, theaters, etc.)

Tested By Leading Doctors and Audiologists

The Melody Open and MyRIC hearing aids have been rigorously tested by leading ENT physicians, audiologists and other hearing professionals who have unanimously agreed that the sound quality and output in many cases exceeds more expensive hearing aids.

Made in the USA
Doctor-Recommended, Audiologist-Tested
Five Star Top rated hearing aids online - thousands of satisfied customers
Save up to 75%
Free Personalized, Custom Programming ($50 value)
Free Private Phone Consultation with a Licensed Dispenser
Priority 1-3 Day Shipping to Your Door
Batteries & Starter Kit Included! Comes Ready to Use
30 Day In-Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee