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AlbanianHipHop . Albanian Hip Hop refers to artists from Albania, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro as the Albanian language is spoken in the whole of Albania and Kosovo and some parts of Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro.[1][2][3] The term Albanian Hip Hop also refers to rappers from other Albanian-inhabited places such as the United States, Switzerland, Germany and United Kingdom. Since 2012, a team of French people tried to help improve Hip-Hop culture in Albania. They created the first Albanian hip hop festival, which took place in Tirane, Elbasan, Shkodër and Korçë. WNC (White Niggas Clan) another group from Pejë are one of the first rap group on Kosovo. AlbanianHipHop. Hiphop And Rap. AlbanianHipHop. , mp3 shqip, hite shqip, shkarko muzik, shkarko mp3, mp3 converter, hitet e fundit 2015, radio Music online Free MP3 Youtube Music Music Download"