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Before the Mast



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I am offering you the real life of the Age of Sail, with plenty of swashbuckling adventures. The site goes strong since August 2010, so it’s bound to stay around…

What we offer:

- A friendly writing community, without OOC drama or cliques, with friendly and dedicated staff, in a game which has won RPG-D and RPG-U Forum of the Fortnight/ respectively Month awards, RPG Conference's Originality Award and 2011 Simming Prize.

- An original real life site within a historical setting, without magic/ special powers.

- a semi-advanced to advanced site, with help for the newbies provided. Word count is of one paragraph, given that not everybody has English as mother tongue, but there are enough people who post 400 words or more (without any requirement of matching posts).

- The site is rated PG-13 (L2-S2-V2), so it is not really limiting. In the spirit of those years, mature temes such as sex, violence, abuse exist, without explicit scenes (fade to black required).

- A wild variety of plots and subplots where everybody can find something to his or her liking

- Special community events and a monthly newsletter focusing on plots, characters and players.

- Help with character applications and quick approval

- Extensive information regarding the historical facts – no more torturing the poor Google on your own!

Sharpen your blades, load your guns, drain that last sip of rhum and join our adventures, spreading death BEFORE THE MAST in a swashbuckling adventure written together with us!