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TruthOpus International Group is a financial company that has a registered office in United Kingdom. TruthOpus has educated a lot of people around the world about the important of financial events that affect them everyday in their lives.TruthOpus International Group is proud to be the first and only platform that traders easily to navigate and use to make good trades.From 2005 to 2016, TruthOpus International Group has big impact to the world of trading when it won World Trading Series 5 times with total award up to $20,000,000 dollars. All the money was spitted among 59 team members and advisors for their achievement.In January 2016, TruthOpus established “Saint Paul Financial Research Center” which added more feature to the platform to assist more users. TruthOpus is 100% Free for all members.Saint Paul Financial Research Center is established by team “Lion Med” (with the assistance of TruthOpus IT team) after team”Lion Med” won $1.5 million dollars form World Trading Series in 2016.
All team members decided to establish an All-in-One Platform that will assist not only all team members but also all other people from around the world. The platform is completely 100% Free.
Updates: As January 1st, 2016, TruthOpus International Group decided to terminated the services to non-members. It means that only TruthOpus members could use service for Free of charge. Other non-members are prohibited to use the services. TruthOpus International Group will not be responsible for any liabilities to the use of non-members in this website."