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We have started the Run through the Hills organization in the year of 15th may 2009 at Kotagiri, TN India. In early stages of our rise in the service industry our goal was to promote Rural Tourism through creating awareness and importance of Saving NBR actively in The Nilgiri’s district alone and later on we expanded around the South India’s hills station kodaikanal, Munnar, and waynad to save nature with the public. Our services to the World Tourists, Families, Corporate Groups and Students from interested institutions. We are unique in the Hospitality industry our cultural & adventure activities will engage and involve the customer to explore and experience a new beginning of Rural Tourism.
Run through the Hills have carved out Rural tourism a niche program for people who visit this part of the one and only Western Ghats to have a glimpse of the unknown. To know about the indigenous communities or even the wildlife species and so on like the landscape, geology, culture through trekking activities or even through varied other activities like visiting prominent places like rock painting & sacred groves. We offer exponential learning experience where one could engage them in practicing tribal painting, doing pottery learning indigenous weaving patterns where all of these have their own geographical indicators(GI) to their brand.
Our blue mountain is beautiful and older then Himalayas …and the mountain chain represent geomorphic features of immense importance with unique biophysical and ecological processes. Its forest ecosystems influence the Indian weather pattern too. We have the privilege to invite the world tourist to visit the beautiful picturesque mountains in the Western Ghats. Our commitment is to provide the best services to our customers and visitors."