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So Who is Oregon Outfitters?

Hi, I’m Tom Johnson, the founder of Oregon Outfitters. I was born and raised in Arizona and after years of exploring my home state, I decided it was time for a new adventure. At 27, I put all of my belongings in my beat up car with only $50 in my pocket and moved to California. I have done very well at making it work since I arrived and it is hard work that has helped me get to where I am today. I ran manufacturing companies for 12 years and worked in automotive corporate marketing for 9 years before starting my own automotive marketing company. I have been running that company successfully for 6 years but now it is time for me to do something I truly love. I am a very passionate person when it comes to the quality of my work and anything I put my name on. That is why I promise you will not be disappointed with your experience at Oregon Outfitters.

You are probably thinking, why would a guy from Arizona name his company after another state? Well, it is because I have always loved the beauty of Oregon. It is the one the most beautiful states I have ever visited. It has called my name for years and now it is time to make this dream of living there a reality. That is why after my kids were raised that I sold our home and moved to Oregon.

Tired of the Grind!

Common sense would say that frustration is not a state of mind that generally leads to a favorable outcome. However, I was able to use my frustration to help guide me to create Oregon Outfitters. For years, I worked in corporate America and had to endure the daily grind of office politics while swallowing my pride and knowing deep down, I could do things better!

In 2008, the economy crashed and corporate America laid me off. I was concerned that I did not have a job and how I was going to pay my mortgage while raising my three teenage daughters. As it turned out, this situation was the biggest blessing ever. I took all of that frustration and used it to launch a marketing company with two friends which we have been running for 6 years. However, it was not my passion. It has only been a means of survival, so I decided that just surviving was not acceptable to me. I must thrive!

I was born and raised loving the outdoors. From camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, etc. You name it, I love it and I have my grandparents to thank for that. My grandparents embraced the outdoors and made it their mission to teach me about it. I thank them every day for that because some of my best memories have taken place in nature. For me, there is really nothing better than standing by a river or lake doing some fishing. I can count on these moments to calm me and help recharge my battery.

One day on a long drive home, among the hordes of traffic, I thought about my childhood memories and the memories I created for my children doing the same thing. I taught my kids to love the outdoors and its beauty. I realized that multiple times a year, I would research and plan a trip to take my family camping, fishing or snowboarding. I would book the campground or cabin, go out to buy all the necessary gear and enjoy the time away from the city. When I came back I would share photos and stories of our adventure.

On that drive home from work I had an epiphany; what if I could create a website that could do all of these things? That was the moment Oregon Outfitters was born. I started researching outdoor companies to see what they were doing and I realized that not a single one of them were giving their customers all the tools needed to really bring a trip to life. I wanted to create a website that did it all! My business philosophy has always been to give the consumer all the services and tools they deserve in exchange for spending their hard earned dollar with your company. That is why Oregon Outfitters allows you to research a destination, aid in planning your trip, buy the gear for it and tell your story with photographs and videos. You can even form your own social groups!


The products sold at Oregon Outfitters are selected for their quality, price and durability. We do our best to provide you with options for products that you can afford. Oregon Outfitters will give you the biggest bang for your buck, which is why we test and review all the gear we sell. Products must pass a rigorous test to make it on our site. We do not want to sell you junk. We want to sell you a product that is useful, long lasting and helps make your trip better. So we only chose companies with products that stand behind what they make. You have our word that if you ever buy something from us and you are not completely satisfied we will take it back with no questions asked! We know you have plenty of options to purchase from other retailers but we promise you that Oregon Outfitters will always give you the most bang for your buck. The goal is to make you a lifetime customer, not a one and done. We don’t do business that way.

Our Vision

The vision is to make Oregon Outfitters one of the top outdoor companies in the field. Our mission is to provide world-class customer service, with affordable quality products and a venue to interact with fellow outdoor lovers. Our website was built with you in mind and we really want you to enjoy it. We are a family owned and operated company and we plan on keeping it that way.