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doll clothes and clothing for all sizes and makes of dolls, complete outfits for vintage and modern dolls



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Custom fit for your doll at reasonable prices, complete doll sets include shoes or heels doll clothing for any size or make of doll several colors and styles of clothing for your special doll fast service doll dresses, doll clothes, accessories, clothes, ideal, uneeda, horsman, mattel, eegee, effanbee, hasbro, angelregion, angel, american character, alexander, fashion, cameo, kewpie, Collier, Life Saver, Love Me, Horsman, Infant Toodles, Ballernia, Nancy Ann, Dollikin, Candy Fashion, Harriet Hubbard Ayer, Miss Ginny, Crissy, Cissy, Wentworth, Tyler, Tiffany Taylor, Little Debutante, Aimee, Royal, Revlon, Trent, Gene, Seventeen, Tiny Tears, Betsy Wetsy, Baby So Beautiful, Baby Face by Galoob, Teeny Weeny Tiny Tears, Tearie Dearie, Tabatha, Tearful Cheerful, Kewpie Dolls, Miss Peep, Bitty Baby, Gotz, Thumbelina, Boopsie, Lolly, Ginny, Gerber Baby, Rosebud, Toodles, Magic Skin, Charmin, Chatty Cathy, Poor Pitiful Pearl, Saucy Walker, Posie, Freckles, Patti Play Pal, Sasha, Kish, Kissy, My Twinn, Sweetie Pie, Shirley Temple, Bonny Braids, Bonnie Braids, Sparkle Plenty, Magic Attic, American Girl, Patsy Joan, Patsy, Kitty, Anne Estelle, Little Debbie, Buffy, Betsy McCall, Toni, My Friend, Tippee Toes, Baby First Step, Tubsy, Rub-A-Dub Dolly, Terri Lee, Terry, Bonny Braids, Sweet Sue, Susan Waheen, Kish doll, Candy Fashion, Terri Lee, Shirley Temple, P91, P90, Chatty Patti, Goodie Two Shoes, Peachie, Puppets, Gum Drop, Holly Hobbie, Anne Estelle, Kewpie, Miss Peep, Miss Ideal, Freckles, Sweetie Pie, Huggie Girl, Dollikin, Kitty Collier, Thirsty Baby, Sparkle Plenty, Doll Clothes, Doll Clothes, Patti Play Pal, Thirstee Baby, Action Heroes, Jan Fashion, Jill Fashion, Doll Clothes, Doll Clothes, Doll Clothes, Honeymoon, Honey Moon, Julie Good Kruger, Good-Kruger, Toni, Toni Walker, Sweet Sue, Alice In Wonderland, Ponash Place, Angel Baby, Sunshine Baby, Anne Shirley, shirley Temple, Toni, socks, betty, mice, polly, angelina ballerina, Kayla, Kaylie, Kattie, Revlon Fashion Doll, Uneeda Dollikin, Ideal Saucy Walker, Horsman Poor Pitiful Pearl, Mattel Chatty Cathy, Charmin Chatty Cathy, Pebbles, Bam-Bam,Revlon, Fashion dolls, Poor Pitiful Pearl, Cabbage Patch Kids, Tiny Tears, Little Miss Echo, Dollikins, Miss Ideal, Shirley Temple, Kissy, Crissy, Pebbles, Posie, Plassie, Bright Star, Sweet Sue, Baby Face, Baby So Beautiful, Sasha, Kish, Thirsty Baby, Nancy Lee, Nanett, Binnie Walker, Nancy Ann, wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, bulk, Amanda, Amazing, Disney, Bears, wholesale, shoes, heels, nylons, socks, doll clothes, Chuckles, Betsy mccall, Berenguer, Dryper Baby "