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Roswell, GA -- May 21, 2015 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Fighting against a fraud case in Georgia can be one of the most daunting tasks. Only the Right lawyer can help one get the best protection and advice. Whistleblower attorneys of Bothwell Law Group help their clients with advice and legal assistance regarding fraud cases, government job violation, Medicare fraud and much more. Choosing the right lawyer is highly essential when one is dealing with such sensitive cases. Whistleblower lawyers of this firm are extensively experienced and specialized in this field of law and thus can help one get the best result.

Their Team:
Bothwell Law Group hosts a proficient team of Qui Tam attorneys in Georgia who are entirely dedicated to their clients for protecting their interests. They represent the whistleblowers and are highly devoted to their practice areas and duties.
Whistleblower lawyers of Bothwell Law Group specialize in varied areas. Here are some of those:

False Claim Acts
Qui Tam
Healthcare and medical frauds
Medicaid fraud
Medicare fraud
Whistleblower litigation Programs
IRS Whistleblower Program

Detailed Outline Of Their Practice Areas:
Medicare Fraud:
Medicare is one type of federal fitness insurance program for the people above sixty five. It also covers younger people with critical diseases and disabilities. People who have become the victim of fraud medical schemes and easily come and consult with the attorneys of this firm for some legal advice and assistance. They assure to provide their clients with the right advice and protection.
Hospital Fraud Schemes:
Just like the hospitals, nursing homes also provide varied opportunities to their patients for cheating them and making them their prey and steal from the government. Attorneys of Bothwell help these victims protect by uncovering such fraud cases and protecting them against these nursing homes. Sabotaging the medical bill is one of the most common things that nursing homes do to their clients, but with the help of these attorneys victims can effectively fights for their rights.
False Claim Acts:
There are lots and lots of risks for the whistleblower, if they come across any prove that justifies a fraudulent use of funds given by the government. Most of the time, whistleblowers wishes to stay anonymous, such that they stay away from the various risks that come with government fraud cases. During such circumstances, whistleblower attorneys of this firm can represent them and fight the case in their behalf.
These are some of the most prominent practice areas of this law firm, but there are various areas where lawyers of this organization overs their advice and assistance.
For more information about Bothwell Law Group, browse through their official website.
Contact Details :
Whistle Blower Law
Bothwell Law Group
304 Macy Dr
GA , 30076
Business Phone: 770.643.1606
Email : info.whistleblowerlaw@gmail.com
Website : http://whistleblowerlaw.com