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Distributed information Management System (DIMS) is one of the most innovative and intelligent Web portal Design Tools. DIMS is equipped with many sophisticated yet easy to execute functions which will pave ways for clients to be a leader in management. It is a web portal design tool that works in real time and online mode. To Illustrate, Using DIMS is very similar to working with Microsoft Word. However, the finished data is saved into the web server rather than into users’ computers. As a result, any updated data will be presented in real time to anyone who has access right to each page of the web portal. Furthermore, users can analyze, design, and create the menus and web templates, edit and update the contents of the web pages by themselves without any skill in HTML or XML programming Language.

Innovative tools with Web 2.0 Technology
o User-centered design
(Users can create Menus & Template by themselves, no need for HTML programming )
o Information sharing
(By using CMS: Content Management Module , Users can create & share contents )
o Interoperability
(DIMS has 26 Modules that work together)
o Collaboration
(Every one communicate with one another by using CoP : Community Of Practice , Web board, Chat, FAQ)

-Intranet / Internet Web Portal
-Cyber Office
-Knowledge Management Center
-News Center
-Data Center
-Services Center
-Call Center
-Security Center
-XML Data Exchange Center