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Creative Computing & Elite Design Concepts, LLC



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We currently provide the following computer and IT services
Network Design / Network Planning:
Creative Computing Concepts focuses on determining the optimal infrastructure design to meet your business requirements. This service leverages industry best practices to validate and improve the network environment to ensure a robust, efficient and reliable infrastructure. Creative Computing Concepts consultants will meet with you to understand your business environment and needs and provide expert analysis and best-practice design with supporting documentation.

Network Setup / Network Implementation:
Our Network Implementation services are customized for each client. Depending on scope and content, the engagement may include some or all of the following activities:
• Deploying high-speed backbone networks
• Network monitoring
• Wireless implementations
• Remote access planning
• Reconfiguring and upgrading network elements, systems, and facilities
• Testing, certifying, and documenting the network

Network Services:
• Security Audits
• VPN setup
• Firewall setup
• Telecom/Internet consulting
• Internet fail-over
• Anti-Virus Setup
• Software Compliance Audit
• Security Policy Development
• Disaster Recovery Planning

Network Upgrade:
Networks are growing more and more complex. New users, additional locations, and the never-ending demand for higher performance and new services are making network and systems management more difficult — and more critical — to the success of the business. Organizations need a holistic operations solution, one that not only addresses technology, but also the integration of technology with people and business processes. Creative Computing Concepts can plan a network upgrade that will allow you to support your current and future needs.

Network Performance Improvement:
Our Network Performance Improvement service help customers engineer and optimize their networks to ensure reliable performance for business-critical applications and end users. By providing an accurate assessment of your network infrastructure, we can help you make informed decisions about technology investment and architectural changes.

By optimizing the existing infrastructure, we assist our customers in maximizing the performance of new and existing applications, as well as increasing the predictability of future applications initiatives. These services help reduce the risks associated with deploying new business.

One of Creative Computing Concepts’ goals with the addition of the data center is to provide scalable Enterprise-class data backup protection that is designed to meet the needs and budget of any business. Our goal is to significantly improve backup reliability and security vs. tape or competing online backup services. Depending on the chosen solution we can reduce “system-down” recovery time to hours instead of days. Our network operations team monitors your backups and provides testing and verification to ensure that the backup files are stable. We can take snapshots of your data in increments of 15 minutes so we can recover your most current data. In addition, we can host a recovery appliance at our secure co-location facility to act as a “hot-site” in the event that your primary network is incapacitated.

Below is a list of our proposed managed backup and recovery services:
Creative Computing Concepts Standard Backup Service
Creative Computing Concepts’ online file backup service copies files from your server nightly to our secure data center. Backups are monitored by Creative Computing Concepts’ operations team and they will resolve backup failures and provide restores upon request. Client will receive a daily backup status report.

Creative Computing Concepts Server Shadow
This service provides full image backup of the server on hourly intervals. Server can be restored rapidly to any hardware in the event of a failure. A daily copy will be sent off site to a secure location. Creative Computing Concepts will monitor the backups for issues and assist with file restores. Recommended for use with 1 to 2 server environments with less than 300 GB of data.

Creative Computing Concepts Backup Guardian
This enterprise grade solution provides a snapshot of all data and applications in 15 minute increments. The snapshots are stored on a scalable appliance. In the event of a server failure, a virtual server can be started on the appliance and run in place of the failed system. In addition, a replica is kept off site on a second appliance. In the event of a disaster at the primary site, all replicated servers can be brought up remotely. This service includes on-site and off-site storage, backup monitoring/verification/testing, file restores and server recovery assistance. This service is recommended to clients who have a very low tolerance for downtime and have 2 or more servers as the backbone of the network.

Also with the capabilities of a full service Data Center at our disposal we can add a hosted VoIP phone service to increase our operations to allow for a full service 24/7/365 IT Help Desk/Desktop Support Call Service. Also we can add some or all of the services below to company arsenal, greatly separating us from our competition
IT Help Desk
Our proposed helpdesk staff will be able to stand ready and promptly address your IT support or network issue. With one call or email a trouble ticket will be opened tracking your problem from start to finish. If necessary our techs will be able take remote control of your system and correct most problems. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved remotely, we can deploy to your location and handle the problem on site.

Client Portal
As a Creative Computing Concepts Client you will have access to a custom portal which offers the ability to see the status of open trouble tickets at any time and report new trouble through the live chat option.

Service Level Agreement
Creative Computing Concepts provides a service level agreement to ensure that tickets are handled in a timely manner and escalated to the appropriate person if required.

Co-Location Services
Providing Peace of Mind without the Cost

Today's businesses can't afford downtime. There's just too much at stake. Co-Locating your servers with Creative Computing Concepts is a cost-effective alternative to building and managing your own data center, and a great way to reap the benefits of a world-class co-location facility, network, and support services. Creative Computing Concepts’ co-location services provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your equipment is fully protected and secure, without the overhead associated with maintaining your own facility. Offering affordable virtual servers, cabinets, dedicated servers, and premium co-location bandwidth at very affordable and competitive prices is our company motto.

Some of the features of our data center include:
• Redundant power, 2 x 20A, 2 x 30A and custom
• Redundant bandwidth, 3 Mbps, 5 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps up to 40 Gbps
• All regulatory compliance, SAS70 Type II, HIPPA, GLBA, SOX and PCI DSS
• 99.9999 % Hosting High Availability
• Advanced HVAC controls, advanced security systems, physical security barriers, fire suppression systems, backup generators
• 24/7 facilities monitoring, No Lights Out schedule
• Real-time network monitoring and management
• Data center disaster recovery services
• Excellent customer service

Hosted Exchange Email Services
Increase Productivity with Hosted Exchange
Avoid the high entry cost of installing and maintaining your own Exchange server. Host your Exchange mailboxes using Creative Computing Concepts Exchange, a hosted version designed to get you up and running with all of the benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server without the hassle. Synchronize email, calendars and contacts across multiple computers. Share calendars and contacts with colleagues, and access your email and calendars from your Smartphone.

Complete, Turnkey Solution
Creative Computing Concepts Exchange handles everything so you can focus on your business. We run the servers in our enterprise-class datacenter, and monitor and manage them 24x7. Everything just works! No more lost emails or email downtime.

Easy to Use
Our service is designed for business people like you. You don’t need an engineering degree to use our hosted Exchange email. We provide you with a point and click control panel as well as the backing of our expert customer service team to make managing your business email a snap.

The Help You Need
While we’re proud of our technology, our customer service team is the key to our success. Available 24/7, they’ll provide you with the help you need to get your hosted Exchange email service quickly set up, configured and running smoothly. They understand how important email is to your business and their passion and compassion for our customers is what makes our customers so loyal.

No More Spam
All of our Exchange Hosting plans include spam protection. This industry leading service keeps more than 99% of spam out of your inbox, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time deleting junk emails.
No Contracts or Hidden Charges
Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible value. We offer month-to-month service and never hit you with hidden charges. We want to be your trusted email partner for the long run. No minimums, No contracts. Email archiving options.

Expert Virtual CIO Services
Our Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) service can help small and medium sized enterprises manage Information Technology in order to redirect their focus away from IT problems and towards their core business. A virtual CIO will build a relationship with you to understand your business and technology needs in order to:
1. Ensure Operational Productivity - your critical business systems need to be proactively managed to reduce the likelihood of unplanned business downtime.

2. Maintain Connectivity - Network and Message - keeping you connected to your office, co-workers and customers at all times

3. Manage Security Risks - taking precautions to guard confidential information and keep you free from viruses, spyware and spam

4. Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy - avoid unnecessary downtime and have the ability to recover from foreseeable computer problems in a timely and predictable fashion - it's not "if" a problem will occur but "when" that we prepare for.

Virtual CIO Process
1. Assess where you are with an IT Systems Audit
This service covers all hardware and software systems, and network security.
2. Document Findings
Results are presented as a comprehensive report outlining areas of strength, weakness, and recommendations.
3. Present Recommendations including:
1. Tactical recommendations - things you must do to stay in business (e.g. no back-ups, setup firewall, etc)
2. Strategic recommendations - things you should do to maintain business continuity (e.g. upgrade operating system, implement system monitoring, virtualized servers, etc.)
4. Implement mutually agreed upon recommendations
5. Continually Assess business needs

Virtual CIO Benefits
Our virtual CIO service comes as part of our managed services or as a separate service and allows you to leverage our industry experience to gain the following benefits:

• An expert team capable of providing a broader spectrum of experience across many technologies.
• Focus on proactive planning instead of putting out fires.
• Reduced IT costs versus hiring of a full time dedicated CIO.
• A holistic approach to IT.

Creative Computing Concepts’ experience and guidance can provide any business a better, more reliable and secure technology solution, allowing them to focus on their business while improving operational and strategic effectiveness through technology.

Companies that are looking for a way to improve staff productivity, foster loyal customer relationships and reduce telephone network maintenance costs need to consider implementing a next generation phone system. Why? Because a best of breed next generation phone system, if based on an open platform, can seamlessly integrate with existing business systems to optimize their effectiveness across voice, data and media channels with little in the way of additional third-party applications or networking hardware.

Business Telephone Systems & VoIP
Advances in telephone system technology have revolutionized how businesses communicate internally and externally. New technologies offer increased productivity and efficiency as well as cost savings.

Mobility - Business people have become more mobile and need communication solutions that offer functionality to support this mobility. New phone system technology and Voice over IP has opened a world of mobility options including a single telephone system that supports multiple office locations and work at home employees. Other mobility features allow users to log into their extension on the phone system from a cellular phone or home phone and have the same capabilities as if they were sitting at their desk.

Unified Communications (UC) - is gaining in popularity and offers the integration of disparate communications systems. Imagine if someone could dial a single phone number and reach you no matter where you are (cell phone, home office, and office). Email, instant messaging, fax, voice mail and web conferencing are other components integrated by a UC solution.

Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS)
Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) is a streamlined communications product that offers Unified Communications (UC) functionality. OCS brings together Email, Calendaring, Voice Mail, Instant Messaging, Presence, Voice Over IP, audio, video and web conferencing.

The OCS platform offers:

Outlook Voice Access - Allows users to interact with Outlook/Exchange using a telephone. Users can listen to, reply to, create and forward email messages. They can also listen to or change calendar information.

Presence - Allows a user to determine another users' availability to communicate via a given method. Presence is determined by several factors including the users' Outlook calendar, status of their phone and other factors. Presence is displayed in several applications such as Outlook, IM client, Microsoft CRM, the OCS client and other applications.

Instant Messaging - OCS provides a private Instant Messaging system for businesses. This platform can be used for internal and/or external communications and integrates with Microsoft Outlook. IM conversations are displayed in Outlook similarly to email and can be archived.

Conferencing - Users can conduct telephone conferences using OCS. The OCS client software allows users to schedule conference calls and manage invitations.

Live Meeting - Allows you to hold online meetings and present your PC screen to the attendees of the meeting. There is a scheduling plug-in for Outlook that lets presenters schedule meetings and manage attendees.

Enterprise Voice - OCS offers VoIP functionality allowing integration of voice with email, calendaring, instant messaging and conferencing. OCS can integrate with existing PBX systems allowing you to implement OCS without replacing your current phone system. Key features of OCS Enterprise Voice include anywhere access, single number reach, team calling and more.

Web Site and Email Hosting
We can offer web site and email hosting backed by industry leading Technical Support services. We can offer Linux or Windows based hosting along with SQL server database integration. We can also offer dedicated server(s) and co-location services.

Our web/email servers will be located in a state-of-the-art managed hosting facility that is linked through industrial strength redundant Cisco routers, into redundant International OC-3 lines with auto-failover.

Our facility also includes fire suppression systems, industrial strength uninterruptable power backed up by an on-site generator, digital video surveillance, key-card access system and more. Our site is monitored 24 hours a day by certified Network Engineers.

This state-of-the-art network infrastructure assures your site is available 24 hours a day.