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EXPOSED Video that has stormed the internet pewdiepie claims that he will delete channel but didnt. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Trailer Free Movie Watch Preview 35 FOUND CNN says by Monday OAKLAND WAREHOUSE FIRE UPDATE During a party at the warehouse the 2nd floor caved in as fire broke through the building Some seen people run out while other witnesses stood heartbroken as they waited and not many more people followed According to locals there had been many complaints on the building prior to the fire Officials in California report prayers to the families this holiday season as a possible dozen still missing After 35 bodies found and so much ground to cover this is set to be a major tragedy in California sense the mass shooting UPDATE Oakland warehouse fire AFTERMATH OAKLAND WAREHOUSE FIRE UPDATE California INFORMATION DEAD TOLL CNN 100 MILLION WATCH AS MAN PUNCHES kangaroo to save one of his dogs As seen on video HERE So there is a video that has stormed the internet in the last couple weeks A wild kangaroo threatens the dog and the man jabs him directly in the face as the kangaroo reevaluates his life decisions The under 2 minute video although shocking to americans who only know kangaroos to rip your chest out isnt that big a deal to austrailians Its not so crazy to fight with annoying furry jumpers ike them terrozing your yard on a daily basis The kangaroo however did not strike back at the man surprisingly enough He just ran away EAT video below If you missed She is still an UNSIGNED artist at this point Young Ma born in brooklyn NY just released music video for yet another hit single titled EAT where she speaks on every recent controversial thing that surrounds her currently and speaks out against being called gay Young Ma is a newly signed rapper who is very relevant and talented lyrically If you listen to what she says she isnt afraid to speak out against the fame and or hold details Its nice to see a rapper now days talk about reality Even though she loves her henny So as we all know if you are not signed and endorsed you can say whatever the fuck you want and get in no trouble by your label etc Which for some artists especially hip hop artists due to profanity etc it is best to stay unsigned Many things have changed since the DEADLIEST fire in OAKLAND sunday Initially as believed to be 9 bodies made a significant jump to 30 Search party of over 100 firefighters and thousands citizens help following this tragedy There was believe to be about 75 people inside during the fire"

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