What are dislocated ribs? Causes, symptoms, and treatment of dislocated ribs?

Dislocated ribs can be caused by various factors, from a simple cough to severe cases when the ribs, or the chest area in general, come into contact with a strong, blunt force, twisting, or sudden movement. Dislocated ribs are not uncommon, despite widespread public belief.

In addition to rib dislocation, people may experience other rib injuries, such as rib separation (also known as rib cartilage dislocation), strained intercostal muscles, or rib dysfunction.
Rib dysfunction occurs when the head of the rib and adjacent bones separate from the sternum or spinal cord. These rib injuries can happen to anyone, whether young, old, infant, or even pregnant!

Pain under the rib cage is one of the classic symptoms of any rib injury!

The anatomy of the human rib will assist an individual to pinpoint the affected rib.

You may experience radiating pain under the left or right side of the rib cage, which a certified physician best examines to rule out a possible rib injury.

Dislocated ribs can be confusing and go by many names. Some of the many terms that are widely used to describe their injuries may include the following:

Dislocated ribs
Slipped ribs
Misaligned ribs

For treatment, you'll need a rib wrap or rib brace for protecting your rib from secondary injuries during the recovery period. Sometimes, changing your mattress may even reduce the rib pain.

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