Flight Control Loading, Motion Base Platforms, and Engineering for Everyone

Celebrating over 40 years in the industry, Servos & Simulation is the premier manufacturer of Feedback Control Loading and Motion Platform Systems for all applications. These applications include but are not limited to aviation simulation, full flight simulators (FTD, AATD, CPT, and FFS), flight controls, auto-pilots, control loading for aircraft or land vehicles, motion simulation systems, motion platforms, motion seats, night vision systems, stable platforms, E/O systems, shaker tables, electro-optics, virtual reality (VR), entertainment systems and gimbal systems. We provide engineering design and support for all types of simulation and simulator installations.

With a 40+ year engineering history in all-electric control loader design, gimbal design, motion platforms, stabilized platforms, and AC motor modifications, Servos & Simulation brings to market the lowest cost, ease of maintenance, and minimized total cost of ownership per system. We sell motion bases, motion platforms, control loaders, software, and the engineering services that you require to make your dreams and requirements a reality!

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